l i k e  a  g i r l

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Since when did, “like a girl” become a bad thing? Like A Girl is a visual conversation, turning negative sayings into a form of empowerment. This hyperrealistic body of work is made with graphite, colored pencil, and pen. The color pink, typically described as “ a girl color,” is a form of aggression in pushing the female-empowering agenda, reclaiming the act of doing things “like a girl” as a statement of strength and power.


Before I began to process the intricacies of how to pursue the creation of this series, I knew that I was angry about how women were seen through the lens of society. Throughout history, both worldwide and in America, women have constantly had to fight for the right to be taken seriously, let alone vote or be in positions of power. Originally, I wanted this collection of work to serve as an attack on any and every misogynist agenda. I had the idea to have my show portray my anger in a way that would clearly display my anger. However, the expression of these emotions is not productive, but only stirs up controversy and anger in others. This outrage does not allow room for conversation or understanding. Rather than expressing how angry I have been at the way our society views women, I designed this collection of work to empower women and enhance persistence in the feminist agenda: striving for equality and further expanding the meaningful understanding of women as they function in society.

The ultimate goal of this show is to empower women everywhere to embrace what it means to live “like a girl.”